Baby Blessings

Our children represent the light in this world and in these ceremonies we acknowledge and honor the unique soul your son or daughter is. We ask many questions to create a ceremony that is inclusive and participatory – honoring and including all significant family members (parents, grandparents and siblings) and friends (godparents, spiritual mentors) and this culminates in a heartwarming and enlightening ceremony which speaks straight to the hearts of those participating and in attendance.

Baby Blessings, Naming, Christening or Welcoming Ceremonies

Though the tradition has existed throughout cultures and ages, exactly how to bless your children can be painfully unclear for many families who don’t identify with a particular faith or belong to a faith community. This deserves to be highlighted and celebrated!

Heartwarming and Inclusive for Family and Friends Your ceremony reflects your feelings, needs, values and beliefs:

  • Music, poems and readings, prayers and benedictions
  • Religious, spiritual and secular rituals and traditions
  • Parent and Godparent/Guideparent participation
  • Special roles for siblings and loved ones​
  • Sharing your family journey
A woman and a man posing with a baby while being officiated by a professional officiant in Long Island.
Long Island wedding officiants standing on a beach.

Let’s Connect

We acknowledge this is a special day for you as parents, your family, friends, and child. Please reach out if you have any questions, we look forward to hearing from you. Contact us now, so you can be assured of booking us.

A little girl is kissed by a man wearing a white hat, who happens to be a wedding officiant on Long Island.
A woman holding a book next to a child on the beach, officiated by long island wedding officiants.
An officiant in Long Island and a couple holding their adorable baby in front of a church.
A woman and a boy standing on the beach, joined by a Long Island officiant.
A man and woman, accompanied by a long island officiant, holding their newborn baby on the beach.
A long island wedding officiant kissing a baby.